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Fire Up Your Grill With These Cookout Essentials

Whether you’re hosting a party for 50 of your closest friends or just relaxing beside your grill after a long day, a delicious barbecue is never complete without all the necessary cookout accessories. Guy’s Hardware has a wide selection of grill gadgets and accessories to make your gilling, firing, cooking and smoking go as smoothly as possible. We have everything you need to clean your grill, prepare your food, cook your meat and serve up tasty grilled dishes throughout the year. All of our BBQ supplies come from top sellers in their industry, so they are guaranteed to bring you a satisfactory taste and mouthwatering flavor. And our cleaning supplies are strong, durable, and made to always keep your grill or cooker in prime grilling condition.

Find all your affordable barbecue essentials and accessories at Guy’s Hardware.

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HOLDER 8 CORN JMBO PLSTC GR PR GrillPro 71448 Abrasive Scrubbing Brush Royal Oak 199-300-095 Hickory Wood Chip
4 sets of jumbo plastic handled corn holders with stainless steel forks. Abrasive nylon scrubbing brush ideal for porcelain cooking grids. 100 percent all natural hickory chips. Ideal for all outdoor grilling. Reclosable bag.
Royal Oak 199-301-095 Mesquite Wood Chip Toolbasix SP2403L Grill Brushes Onward 77395 Grillpro Grill Brushes
Mesquite chips add a sweet, woodsy flavor to all types of grilled foods. 100 percent all natural mesquite chunks. Ideal for all outdoor grilling. Reclosable bag. 2 3/8'' x 2 3/4'' grill brush head with stainless steel bristles, plastic handle and stainless steel scraper. Long 17" handle resin grill brush with stainless steel bristles and steel scraper.
Royal Oak 200-294-065 Charcoal Lighter Fluid GrillPro 15019 Deluxe Extension Grill Fork Weber-Stephen 7417 Fire Starter
Gets grills going faster and easier with our fast lighting premium lighter fluid. No residual odor. 32" chrome plated extendable grilling fork with a glow-in-the-dark handle makes a great camping accessory. Compact replacement for charcoal lighter fluid. Cubes placed under charcoal, light easily even when wet, and yield a high, steady flame that burns strongly at 1300 degrees Fahrenheit for about 12 minutes.
EasyOff 6233887981 Barbecue Grill Cleaner Toolbasix SP242C3L Grill Brushes GrillPro 25940 Control Knob
Deep cleans to dissolve tough stains and burned-on grease on your grill. Starts working immediately on contact to dissolve stubborn grease and food spills. Safe to use on all types of BBQ grills, and also works on other surfaces like stainless steel and non-aluminum/non-chrome pots and pans. Heavy-duty scrubber, stainless steel bristles, and stainless steel scraper. Hand grip for easy use. Universal replacement control knobs will fit most grills. Works with long and short valve stems thanks to the included adaptors.
GrillPro 40730 Turner Ant Tong With PVC Grip Handles GrillPro 00200 Mesquite Wood Chip GrillPro 00220 Hickory Wood Chip
2-in-1 turner with PVC grip handles 17" in length. 2 bag for natural wood smoke flavor. Try with pork, lamb, poultry, beef and fish. Resealable Bag 2 bag for natural wood smoke flavor. Try with pork, lamb, poultry, beef and fish. Resealable Bag
Nine 15650 Grill Cleaner GrillPro 77380 Cleaning Brush Toolbasix SPC053L Grill Covers
Dissolves grease, burned-on food and carbon deposits. Ideal for grills, propane tanks, utensils, countertops, brick, painted and stainless steel. EPA registered, hospital grade. Reduces cross contamination. Kills E. coli, Salmonella and other germs in seconds. Cleans and disinfects. 18" with stainless steel bristles and steel scraper. Drawcord with lock for snug fit. Long lasting black vinyl.
TOOL HOLDER FOR CHARCOAL GRILL Royal Oak 192-294-107 Charcoal Briquette GrillPro 30 EZ Check Gas Level Indicator
Save space and keep tools within easy reach with this heavy-duty, plated steel holder with hooks. Fits the following Weber charcoal grills: 18.5" charcoal grills and 22.5" charcoal grills. Dimensions: 8.8"H x 9.4"L x 8.2"D. The original red bag. Royal Oak premium briquettes are assured to burn evenly and last long. Starts fast and burns hot. Ready in 15 minutes. Changes color scale as gas level changes.
GrillPro 00230 Apple Wood Chip GrillPro 250 Alder Wood Chip GrillPro 240 Cherry Wood Chip
2 bag for natural wood smoke flavor. Try with pork, lamb, poultry, beef and fish. Resealable Bag 2 bag for natural wood smoke flavor. Try with pork, lamb, poultry, beef and fish. Resealable Bag 2 bag for natural wood smoke flavor. Try with pork, lamb, poultry, beef and fish. Resealable Bag
GrillPro 260 Pecan Wood Chip Onward 75551 Grillpro Grill Brush/Scrubber GrillPro 40259 Barbecue Tong
2 bag for natural wood smoke flavor. Try with pork, lamb, poultry, beef and fish. Resealable Bag Extra-long handle grill brush with a stainless steel brush head, woven scrubbing pad and integrated scraper. 15" stainless steel tong with soft rubber inserts. Grip your food on the grill with ease. Manual lock saves on storage space.
Barbour 0880PDQ Chicken Rack Onward 77641 Extra Wide Cleaning Brush Barbour 5030 Seasoning Injector
Allows grilling with your favorite beer. Holds any 12 oz. can. Moist, seasoned steam permeates the chicken. Brush anywhere on the grill, deep into the corners, between the grids and in broad strokes along the surface. The triangular shaped head of this brush is ideal for cleaning anywhere. 17-In overall length with a 6.5-In wide head. 2-oz plastic injector with stainless needle. Prior to cooking; inject liquid marinade into chicken, turkey, beef or pork to enhance natural flavors.
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