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Xcelite XN100  Hobby Knives Elmers X3601 Xacto Hobby Knives General Tools 1901 Light Duty Precision Hobby Knife
Xcelite Hobby Knife, Light Duty, Precision, Steel Blade, Tapered Blade, Fine Pointed Blade, Aluminum Handle, 5-13/16 in Overall Length, Applicable Materials: Paper, Wood, For Light Duty Cutting X-Acto Utility Knife, Precision, NO 11 Blade, Carbon Steel Blade, Classic Fine Blade, 5 in Handle Length, Aluminum Handle, Textured Handle, Applicable Materials: Paper, Plastic, Balsa, Includes: Safety Cap, For Delicate, Precision Cutting, Trimming and Stripping, Model 41 Electric Pencil Sharpener General Tools Hobby Knife, Light Duty, Precision, General Tools, NO 2 Blade, Steel Blade, Triangular Blade, Aluminum Handle, Round Handle, 1 Blades, 8-1/2 in Overall Length, 2-3/4 in Overall Width, 0.63 in Overall Depth, For industrial Users, Craft and Hobby Uses
Stanley Tools 10-401  Hobby Knives Homebasix JL71220 Hobby Knife Set Elmers X3602 Xacto Hobby Knives
Stanley Hobby Knife, Precision, Aluminum Blade, 5 in Handle Length, Aluminum Handle, 1 Blades, For Home, Office, Studio or Workshop Homebasix Hobby Knife Set, 7 Pieces, Includes: (6) Blades, Aluminum Handle/High Carbon Steel Blade, For Delicate Cutting, Trimming and Stripping X-Acto Utility Knife, Medium Weight, NO 2 Blade, Stainless Steel Blade, Classic Fine Blade, 5 in Handle Length, Aluminum Handle, Applicable Materials: Wood, Paper, Plastic, Includes: NO 2 Large Fine Point Blade, For Precision Cutting of Medium to Heavy Weight Materials
General Tools 1903 Precision Hobby Knife X-Acto X5282 Basic Utility Knife Set KNIFE HOBBY SET 18 PIECE
General Tools Hobby Knife, Heavy Duty, Precision, General Tools, Aluminum Handle, Hex Handle, 1 Blades, For Used on Carpet, Sheetrock, Plasterboard and Shingles X-Acto Utility Knife Set, Basic, 6-1/2 X 5-1/2 X 1-1/2 in Size, Includes: (1) NO 1, (2) NO 2, NO 5 Knife, NO 7, NO 10, NO 11, NO 16, NO 17, NO 2, NO 18, NO 19, NO 22 and NO 24 Precision Knife Blades, Carbon Steel Blade, For Graphics Artists, Designers and Hobbyists General Tools Knife Hobby Set, Heavy Duty, 18 Pieces, Includes: 90601 Tri-Lobe Precision Knife With NO 11 Blade, 95602 Tri-Lobe Precision Knife With NO 22 Blade, (16) Assorted Blades and Custom Hard Case, Suitable For Use With: Woodworks, Black, For Art Craft and Hobby Projects Matt Board Cutting, Model Building, Decals, Stencils, Balsa Crafts, Whittling, Scrapbooking and Wood Carving
Xcelite XNS100  Hobby Knife Sets Testor 8801A Hobby Knife
Xcelite Hobby Knife Set, Light Duty, Medium Duty, 5-13/16 - 5-3/4 in Length, 2 Pieces, Includes: (10) Assorted Blades, Aluminum Handle, For a Wide Range of Cutting Operations Testor Hobby Knife, Plastic Handle, 6.4 in Overall Length, Includes: Safety Cap, For Trimming, Cutting and Modifying Plastic and Other Materials