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Stay Cool With These Affordable Fans

Every home or office needs a high-efficiency fan to keep things cool when it gets warm. Guy’s Hardware has a diverse selection of standing fans that provide a powerful cooldown and a wide range of air circulation. These portable fans can be taken anywhere; your office, bedroom, living room or kitchen. You can even get a garage fan to keep the air moving during an afternoon of yard work. These compact fans can go almost anywhere because they are built with durability and longevity in mind. And their easy operation and little maintenance make them a popular solution to a stuffy room.

Our inventory of standing fans online is meant to cater to many different spaces and uses. Each is built with a certain level of power and oscillation in mind. With these fans, you can focus on work, relax at home or sleep soundly at night. Start cooling off with these affordable fans today!

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FAN MINI W/USB4IN RED/BLU/SLVR FAN MINI BLACK 4 INCH 1 SPEED Homebasix F-0645 Clip-On Oscillating Portable Fan
4" High velocity dual powered fan. Assorted Colors: Red/ Blue/ Silver.  AC 120V 60Hz. 360 degree vertical adjustable fan head. Powder coated safety grill for superior durability. Simple on/off rocker switch. Rubber tipped base helps prevent vibration. Single speed setting. Silent wind. Safety grill. Sturdy base. Includes 48 inch USB cord and AC adaptor for powering from your computer or other USB source, or use adaptor for direct AC outlet. ETL + cETLus. 360 degree vertically adjustable fan head. Precision built, energy efficient motor has a single speed setting. The rubber tipped base helps preserve a vibration free experience and is controlled with a  single on/off rocker switch. Metal blade. Metal powder coated front and rear grille. Size: 6"W x 3-7/8 D"x 6" H. 120V AC 60HZ, 13W. Homebasix Portable Fan, Clip-On, Oscillating, Model: F-0645, 6 in Blade, 2 Speeds, Powder Coated Grill Guard. This product easily converts according to your need. It has a two-speed, energy-saving, whisper-quiet motor and an adjustable tilt head. This 6" fan has a removable grill for easy cleaning. No tool assembly required, 3-position slide switch (off, low and high) on rear of motor. 8 in L x 5-3/8 in D x 13-5/8 in H (clip on) 10-1/4 in H (with base).
Homebasix F-1022 Box Fan HomeBasix F-1230 Oscillating Table Fan Camair BX100 Box Fan
Homebasix F-1022 Box Fan
Our Price: $17.00
Homebasix Box Fan, Model: F-1022, 10 in Blade, 2 Speeds, Plastic Case Guard HomeBasix Table Fan, Oscillating, Model: F-1230, 12 in Blade, 3 Speeds, Powder Coated Grill Guard, White. The 12 in. Personal Fan in white offers a convenient way to stay cool with 3 speeds and the ability to circulate up to 882 CFM. The fan can be placed on a tabletop and toted around to keep you cool when you change rooms. The plastic housing affords a lightweight fan, ideal for personal use. 13-1/2 in W x 9-3/4 in D x 19 in H. Camair Box Fan, High Performance, Model: BX100, 20 in Blade, 3 Speeds, 5 Blades, Heavy Duty Steel Frame Guard, 22 in Overall Height, 20 in Overall Width, 4.64 in Overall Depth, Light Gray
Lasko 3733 Portable Box Fan Lasko 505 Breeze Machine Fan Lasko 3723 Portable Box Fan
Lasko Box Fan, Portable, Model: 3733, 20 in Blade, 3 Speeds, 21-3/4 in Overall Height, 4-3/8 in Overall Width, 20-1/4 in Overall Depth, Includes: Patented Fused Safety Plug, ETL Listed Lasko Breeze Machine Fan, Model: 505, 10 in Blade, 2 Speeds, Gray, UL Listed Lasko Box Fan, Premium, Portable, Model: 3723, 20 in Blade, 3 Speeds, Plastic Grill Guard, 22-3/8 in Overall Height, 4-3/4 in Overall Width, 21-1/4 in Overall Depth, Includes: Patented Fused Safety Plug, ETL Listed
Camair AC800 Air Circulator Homebasix LF16-SF Oscillating Floor Fan Lasko 2012 Table Fan
Camair Air Circulator, Model: AC800, 8 in Blade, 3 Speeds, 5 Blades Homebasix Floor Fan, Oscillating, Model: LF16-SF, 16 in Blade, 3 Speeds, Powder Coated Grill Guard, 44 - 55 in Overall Height, White/Black, UL Listed, Push Button Control Lasko Table Fan, Model: 2012, 12 in Blade, 3 Speeds, 16-1/2 in Overall Height, 12 in Overall Width, 14 in Overall Depth, White, Includes: Patented Fused Safety Plug, ETL Listed, For Residential Applications
Flippi CR1-0095-06 Personal Fan FAN RETRO METAL 10 INCH       Homebasix FT40-8HC Oscillating Table Fan
Flippi Personal Fan, Model: CR1-0095-06, 4.4 in Blade, 47 cfm, 120 V, 60 Hz, 2600 rpm, 2 Speeds, 8.4 in Overall Height, 6-3/4 in Overall Width, Black 10'' Metal retro fan. Color: Black. AC 120V 60Hz. Quiet and efficient two speed motor. 10" diameter metal blade. Easy-to-use switch selector control. All metal construction. Silent wind. Chrome plated safety grill. Sturdy base. Size: 11-1/2" L x 5-3/4" D x 13-1/2" H. ETL & cETLus. Homebasix Table Fan, Oscillating, Model: FT40-8HC, 16 in Blade, 3 Speeds, Powder Coated Grill Guard, White, UL Listed, Push Button Control
Lasko 2520 Oscillating Stand Fan Wind Tower 4910 Desktop Tower Fan Camair PF160 Oscillating Pedestal Fan
Lasko Stand Fan, Oscillating, Model: 2520, 16 in Blade, 1140 cfm, 3 Speeds, 47 in Overall Height, 17 in Overall Width, 18 in Overall Depth, White, Includes: Patented Fused Safety Plug, ETL Listed, For Residential Applications Wind Tower Tower Fan, Desktop, Model: 4910, 6 in Blade, 114 cfm, 120 V, 3 Speeds, 14 in Overall Height, 6 in Overall Width, 6 in Overall Depth, Platinum, Includes: Patented Fused Safety Plug, ETL Listed Camair Pedestal Fan, Oscillating, Model: PF160, 16 in Blade, 3 Speeds, 5 Blades, Black
FAN WINDOW TWIN WHT 2SP 7IN   Lasko 2526 Adjustable Performance Pedestal Fan Homebasix LF-14 High Velocity Floor Fan
2-speed energy savings/whisper quiet operation motor. Side speed controls. Built-in adjustable slide screens with lock. Fully assembled, no tools required for installation. Safety grill guard. ETL/CETL. Lasko Pedestal Fan, Adjustable, Performance, Model: 2526, 16 in Blade, 1710 cfm, 3 Speeds, 53-3/8 in Overall Height, 15-3/8 in Overall Width, 18 in Overall Depth, White, Includes: Patented Fused Safety Plug, ETL Listed, For Residential Applications Homebasix Floor Fan, High Velocity, Model: LF-14, 14 in Blade, 3 Speeds, Black, ETL Listed, For Larger Work Areas such as Garages, Workshops
Camair AC100 Air Circulator Homebasix HF-40W Oscillating Wall Mount Fan Lasko 1820 Adjustable Elegance Performance Pedestal Fan
Camair Air Circulator, High Performance, Model: AC100, 20 in Blade, 3 Speeds, 5 Blades, Gray Homebasix Wall Mount Fan, Oscillating, Model: HF-40W, 16 in Blade, 3 Speeds, Includes: Mounting Hardware Lasko Pedestal Fan, Adjustable, Elegance, Performance, Model: 1820, 18 in Blade, 3 Speeds, 54-1/2 in Overall Height, 20-1/2 in Overall Width, 20-1/2 in Overall Depth, Sandstone, Includes: Patented Fused Safety Plug, ETL Listed
Vornado CR1-0117-06 Specialty Air Circulator Homebasix LF-9W Reversible Window Fan Vornado CR1-0116-06 Air Circulator
Vornado Air Circulator, Specialty, Model: V103, 6 in Blade, 70 cfm, 120 V, 1700 rpm, 2 Speeds, 10.2 in Overall Height, 7-1/2 in Overall Width, Black Homebasix Window Fan, Reversible, Model: LF-9W, 9 in Blade, 3 Speeds, White, ETL Listed Vornado Air Circulator, Model: 530B, 62 W Power, 1.1 A, 2000 rpm, 3 Speeds, 12-3/4 in Overall Height, 9-1/4 in Overall Width, Black, For Whole Room
Vornado CR1-0116-25 Compact Air Circulator Master Flow WHT36 Standard Timer Homebasix CZHVP18EXP High Velocity Pedestal Fan
Vornado Air Circulator, Compact, Model: 530L, 7.17 in Blade, 283 cfm, 62 W Power, 120 V, 1.1 A, 60 Hz, 2200 rpm, 3 Speeds, 10.8 in Overall Height, 9.8 in Overall Width, 8.1 in Overall Depth, Linen White Master Flow Timer, Standard, 115 V, 60 Hz, 1 hp Power, 12 hr Time Setting, Vertical Mounting, 2-1/2 in Overall Depth, Steel, Galvanized, Includes: Plastic Knob, Wallplate, For Fans Homebasix Pedestal Fan, High Velocity, Model: CZHVP18EXP, 18 in Blade, 3 Speeds, Powder Coated Grill Guard, 63 in Overall Height
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