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Discreet Storage Containers

If you’re a family that spends a lot of time out by the pool, then you most likely use pool toys, goggles and towels frequently. Instead of keeping them inside your home, store them outside in one of our backyard storage bins. We have a selection of deck boxes with seats, as well as a patio bench with under-seat storage. Both are quality made and appealing to the eye. These cheap storage solutions offer you the ability to store towels, cushions, pool toys and more. These containers are a great 2-in-1 option for your outdoor needs.

If you’re looking for a little more storage space for yard tools, sporting equipment or bulky holiday decorations, then our line of storage sheds is what you need. These come in a variety of sizes and designs, guaranteed to blend in perfectly with your yard or pool.

Our sheds provide you with ease of access and superior quality of storage. Shop our selection of storage equipment today and enjoy free shipping on qualified items. Enjoy!

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Suncast DB8000B Deck Box Suncast PB6700 Ultimate Patio Bench DECK BOX WITH SEAT 127 GAL CAP
Suncast Deck Box, 73 gal, Resin, Suncast, 46 in Width, 22 in Depth, 23 in Height, Light Taupe, For Storing Furniture Cushions and Outdoor Accessories Suncast Patio Bench, Ultimate, Resin, Suncast, 450 lb, 34-1/2 in Overall Height, 52-3/4 in Overall Width, 21 in Overall Depth, Taupe, Includes: Under Seat Storage Suncast Deck Box, 127 gal, 54-1/2 in Width, 28 in Depth, 27 in Height, Lid With Piston Closure Locking, Resin, Light Taupe, 52 in Width X 21-3/4 in Height X 24-3/4 in Depth Inside Dimensions, For Cushions, Yard Gear and Pool Supplies
Suncast DBW9200 Deck Box Suncast DB9750 Deck Box Suncast BMS1250 Vertical Storage Shed
Suncast Deck Box, 99 gal, Resin, Suncast, 50 in Width, 25-1/2 in Depth, 25-1/2 in Height, Java, For Storing Patio Accessories and Outdoor Suncast Deck Box, 129 gal, Polypropylene, Suncast, 53 in Width, 29 in Depth, 27-1/2 in Height, Light Taupe, Includes: Lid, Seat and Removable Storage Tray, For Storing Garden and Pool Accessories and Outdoor Suncast Vertical Storage Shed, 2 ft 1-1/2 in Length, 2 ft 8-1/4 in Width, 6 ft Height, 22 cu-ft Volume, Padlockable Door, 67-1/2 in Door, 27 in Door Width, Resin, Vanilla/Stone, 2 ft 3 in Width X 1 ft 8-1/4 in Depth X 5 ft 9 in Height Interior Dimensions
Suncast BMS2500 Horizontal Storage Shed Suncast BMS4700 Horizontal Storage Shed Suncast BMS6510 Storage Shed
Suncast Horizontal Storage Shed, 2 ft 8-1/4 Length, 4 ft 5 in Width, 3 ft 9-1/2 in Height, 34 cu-ft Volume, Padlockable Door, 40-1/4 in Door, 46-1/4 in Door Width, Resin, Vanilla/Stone, 4 ft 1 in Width X 2 ft 4-1/4 in Depth X 3 ft 7 in Height Interior Dimensions Suncast Horizontal Storage Shed, 3 ft 8-1/4 in Length, 5 ft 10-1/2 in Width, 4 ft 4 in Height, 70 cu-ft Volume, Lockable Door, 46-1/2 in Door, 63-1/2 in Door Width, Resin, Vanilla/Stone, Includes: Lockable Metal Latch and Gas Shocks, 5 ft 5-1/2 in Width X 3 ft 2-1/2 in Depth X 4 ft 1-1/2 in Height Interior Dimensions Suncast Storage Shed, 5 ft 5-1/4 in Length, 6 ft 2-3/4 in Width, 7 ft 8-3/4 in Height, 201 cu-ft Volume, Lockable Door, 72 in Door, 57 in Door Width, Resin, Sand/Chocolate/Slate, 5 ft 9-1/2 in Width X 2 ft 1-1/2 in Depth X 7 ft 6-1/4 in Height Interior Dimensions