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Professional Tiling Tools & Equipment

Guy’s Hardware is your leading source of top quality flooring tools, installation supplies, and home improvement accessories. Whether you are looking for tile setter trowels, grout removal tools, or tile saws and blades, our inventory is sure to have the tools your specific project requires.

Our tile installation tools are perfect for seasoned professionals or the do-it-yourself type, and part of the reason why we consider ourselves the best choice for tiling tools online. Using the right tile tools makes all the difference when it comes to tile installation projects, whether they are big or small. Need help on where to begin?

  • After purchasing the necessary tools for tile installation, begin your tiling process by cleaning your entire floor. Ensuring there is no unwanted debris or dust on the floor will make sure the tiled surface you create will be level. Now you can snap chalk lines.
  • Use a tape measure to find the center of the room and snap two intersecting chalk lines exactly in the middle of the floor.
  • Before laying down the mortar, consider doing a dry run first. Use our variety of our professional tiling tools and equipment to lay out the tiles and the spacers to determine where to start. Doing a dry run will also be hugely beneficial in determining the width of your grout lines. After this, snap and additional chalk line the width of a tile out from each wall. The lines will help you keep the tile placement straight and even. Continue laying out tiles and spacers until the placement is correct.
  • The next step is where you finally mix your mortar or grout. Make sure your tile-laying equipment is put aside and carefully pour nearly an entire bag of the dry mixer into a large bucket and add just enough water to get the dry mixture thoroughly wet. Begin mixing until the mortar reaches a smooth consistency. Let the mortar sit for around 10 minutes to get tacky. Now you are ready to place your tiles!
  • Continue the tile-laying process, using the chalk line as a guide and putting spacers between each tile to ensure the proper distance between the tiles. When all the tile work is complete, allow the tiles to dry in place for several days before grouting.

Pro Tip: Use our rubber trowels or floats to spread the grout across the tiles, being sure to get it between each tile’s cracks.

  • When the grout is in place, remove any excess with a sponge. Make sure you dampen the sponge first and repeat the process as many times as necessary.
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Allway GB Grout Brush Mintcraft PT-120233L  Margin Trowels BLADE GROUT REMOVER F/3360666
Allway Grout Brush, Allway, 7 in Length X 3/4 in Width Brush, Nylon Trim, Narrow Handle Mintcraft Margin Trowel, 4-1/2 in Blade Length, 2 in Blade Width, Carbon Steel Blade, Hardwood Handle, Used to Apply Adhesive and Grout When Applying Ceramic or Stone Tile to a Surface MintCraft Grout Remover Blade, Angled, Suitable For Use With: 336.0666 Grout Remover, 1-1/4 x 1-1/2 in, Tempered Alloy Steel, For Mintcraft  Grout Remover
Mintcraft MJ-T808083L  Tile Spacers Mintcraft MJ-T08011-2003L  Grout Spreaders SPACER TILE 1/8 INCH 200 PACK
Used to maintain even spacing between tiles, floor and wall; easy to remove. MintCraft Grout Spreader, 8 in Length, Wooden Handle Used to maintain even spacing between tiles, floor and wall; easy to remove.
Marshalltown 16266 Grout Float Mintcraft MJ-T08010  Grout Removers SPACER TILE 1/4 INCH 200 PACK
Marshalltown Grout Float, Marshalltown, 10 in Blade Length, 4-1/4 in Blade Width, Plastic Foam Blade, For Tile Grouting MintCraft Grout Remover, Angled, Suitable For Use With: 2223758 Grout Remover, Orange, For Optimum Grout Removal Used to maintain even spacing between tiles, floor and wall; easy to remove.
Mintcraft MJ-T80805 Tile Spacers Marshalltown 15487 Tile Spacer Marshalltown 15489 Tile Spacer
Used to maintain even spacing between tiles, floor and wall; easy to remove. Marshalltown Tile Spacer, Marshalltown, 1/4 in Length, 3/16 in Width, White, For Easy, Accurate Tile Installation Used for evenly spaced wall and floor tile.  Easy to remove.
Aqua Sponge AF2L Professional Fine Pore Sponge M-D 49146 Tile and Grout Brush Hydra TGS1 Tile Grout Sponge
Aqua Sponge Fine Pore Sponge, Professional, Aqua Sponge, 6-1/4 in Length, 4-1/4 in Width, For General Cleaning, Sponging Seams and Washing Walls M-D Tile and Grout Brush, M-D, 9 in Overall Length, Plastic Block, Black Trim, Yellow Handle, Used to Brush Effectively Scrubs Dirty Grout Lines Used to wipe excess grout from joints. Corners rounded to prevent digging or marring joints.
BLADE GROUT REMOVER F/9602616 M-D 49162 Tile Spacer M-D 49166 Tile Spacer
MintCraft Grout Remover Blade, Suitable For Use With: 960.2616 Grout Remover, Steel, Bright Metal M-D Tile Spacer, M-D, 1/16 in Thickness, For Accurate Tile Alignment M-D Tile Spacer, M-D, 3/8 in Thickness, For Accurate Tile Alignment
M-D 49160 Tile Spacer M-D 49168 Tile Spacer M-D 49164 Tile Spacer
M-D Tile Spacer, M-D, 1/4 in Thickness, For Accurate Tile Alignment M-D Tile Spacer, M-D, 1/8 in Thickness, For Accurate Tile Alignment M-D Tile Spacer, M-D, 3/16 in Thickness, For Accurate Tile Alignment
Marshalltown 16587 Turtleback Sponge Rubbermaid FG9B5600BLA Commercial Grout Brush Allway GR Grout Rake
Marshalltown Turtleback Sponge, Marshalltown, Green, For Wiping Down Walls, Floors and Wallpaper Rubbermaid Grout Brush, Rubbermaid, Plastic Block, Synthetic Fiber Trim, Black Trim, Ergonomic Handle, 8-1/2 in Handle Length, Plastic Handle, For Scrubbing Tile, Grout Lines, Floors, Baseboards, Walls and Countertops Allway Grout Rake, Allway, Tungsten Carbide Grit Blade, 2 Blades
Marshalltown GB691 Grout Bag Homax EZ-SEAMER 80 Tile Grout Float Seal 'O Wheel 49134 Grout Seal Applicator
Marshalltown Grout Bag, Vinyl, Marshalltown, 24 in Length, 12 in Width, Black, Without Tip, For Holding and Dispensing Grout or Mortar Homax Tile Grout Float, Heavy Duty, Homax, Series: EZ-SEAMER, Plastic Blade, Yellow Blade, Firm Handle Grip Handle, For Washable and Reusable Seal 'O Wheel Grout Seal Applicator, Plastic, Seal 'O Wheel, Includes: (2) 1/4 in and 1/8 in Wheels, Use With Sealer to Protect New and Restore Old Grout
Mintcraft 17122-3L  Grout Removers M-D Building 49124  Pointing Trowels M-D Building 49120  Margin Trowels
Removes old grout for repairs. Tungsten carbide grit edge cutting blade. Toothed steel blade to remove debris. Bright metal finish is corrosion resistant. Non slip angled handle for ease of use. Blades fit into tight grooves. M-D Pointing Trowel, 3-1/2 in Blade Length, 3-3/8 in Blade Width, Comfort Grip Handle, Thermo Plastic Resin Handle, Used to Spread Thin Set Mortar in Hard to Reach Areas M-D Margin Trowel, 5 in Blade Length, 2 in Blade Width, Ergonomic Handle, Thermo Plastic Resin Handle, Used to Spread Thin Set Mortar in Hard to Reach Areas
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